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Lady In Red - Shot By: Patrick & Kahame

Lady In Red
Featured Queen: @ravenleepaige
Captured By: @Patrickglaz_photography & @hunter_pix
Wearing Chloe Carissa Jewelry: sweet & sour cherry dangles.
Hold up, wait a minute 
She got them chucks on shes killin it 
Brown chocolate covered caramel 
The way she looks 
You can't help but to stop and stare 
Body built right mechanic 
Not too slim she got meat to steer with 
Holding her stance despite the haters 
She got God as her witness 
Out in the gym steady working on her health and fitness
Her demeanor, her smile 
Lips like red velvet
To lose those kisses would be tragic
Grinding, believing, shining 
Her beauty holds its own magic 
Bold like black coffee, sexiness at its finest 
But she doesn't always display it 
You need the keys to fully unlock the magic 

Written by: Soleil Chloe Carissa J. 
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