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Heading Out


Heading out tonight

It's been a while since I got ready and slayed

Qurantine and small town living had me locked up 

But not anymore, especially not tonight 

People can say how come your shining so bright

Why are you dressed like that?

Were only heading to the store 

To that you can say 

Don't worry, these special touches weren't for you

And to all the people who compliment me 

Come through, those vibes are so pure 

See life ain't easy but sometimes all you need 

Is some new earrings and clothes 

Sometimes you just need to pause and pose 

Well never be this young and beautiful again 

So why sit there and feel bad

When we can shine and glow 

Even if it makes others uncomfortable 

Cause' tonight I had to strut my stuff 

It was essential 

Poem by - Soleil Johnstone 

Model: Ashley R.

Wearing CCJ 'vacation hues' earrings.

3 commentaires

  • very nice Ashley

    Tammy Johnstone
  • You look beautiful Ashley

    Bonnie Johnstone
  • Beautiful pictures Ash!

    Soleil Johnstone

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