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Melanin Vogue - shot by: Kahame & Patrick

Melanin Vogue
Featured Queen: @kita_v_carter
Captured By: @hunter_pix, patrickglaz_photography 
*Handles can be found on instagram
Located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada - willing to travel as far as the GTA
Featured Queen is wearing Chloe Carissa Jewelry "bee you" earrings.
Melanin Sunset
Girl Won't You Stay Awhile 
Your Smile Is So Contagious 
Spreads beautifully like the river Nile 
I see that your not broken just bent 
But your bends and curves are you 
How can I resist such twists 
I can tell that even at your worse 
You are still solid gold
Created with many powers that lie within your soul
You stand strong against all hate you always rise up and ignore
That's what makes you so attractive
You are not looking to even the score 
You just want to be felt, appreciated, and heard 
Because real love makes the hard times feel easier on earth
Your heart can't be taken for a ride like a little girl's 
Cause you already lived and learned 
You carry yourself with such confidence 
It would intimidate the one that's not right for you
Melanin queen won't you stay awhile
I want to read your style, your smile 
I can tell that your working on you 
You can't put all your focus on what isn't guaranteed to pull through
You've been burnt, you've been bruised 
But who would've known? 
You carry yourself with such tenacity, despite your heart still glows
Just like your skin that shields your soul 
Melanin queen I know you got to go 
But, the way you carried yourself pulled me in 
Your smile will always resonate 
Written by: Soleil Chloe Carissa J.
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  • Thank you Queen for giving me the opportunity to model one of your creations. I love it! I love what you are doing and your work doesn’t go unnoticed, keep inspiring with your words, and crafts <3

  • Love the pics! So natural and full of life! The music adds a nice touch while you check out the jewelry! Good luck, so happy for you!!!

    Tracey M
  • Beatiful pics and poem. Love it!!!

    William Lawrence
  • This is really beautiful! The words and photography are lovely

  • I’m very proud of you keep up the amazing work you are very talented and I will definitely buy a pair of earrings for my princess Ciara Jade

    Dan J

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