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Materials Used

Attached is a list of the materials used to create CC-Jewelry, please be aware if you have severe ear allergies to certain metals. I cannot guarantee that all my earrings are hypoallergenic as mentioned on the FAQS page; if you need more information regarding severe allergies. 

Antique Bronze, Antique Silver, Antique Gold, Acrylic Beads, Calsilica Beads, Brass, Crystal Rhinestones,  Crystal Beads, Enamel Charms, Gold Plated, Golden Stainless Steel, Gold, Gold/Silver-Plated Brass (Hypoallergenic), 22-K Gold Plated, 24-K Matte Gold Plated, 24-K Shiny Gold Plated, Mesh, Natural Synthetic Opal, Round Glass Beads, Resin, Raw Brass, Rainbow Hematite,  Rhinestones, Silver,  Silver Stainless Steel, Shiny Plastic, Silver Plated,Tortoise Shell, Topaz Glass Beads.